Dance Instructor

Kira Wright

I’ve been teaching dance to all ages for eight years. I also do work for local schools doing choreography for musicals and showcases.

What is your role?

Dance Instructor for preschool, kindergarten, and elementary school kids in ballet, tap, jazz, and hip hop.

What do you get most excited about teaching at 5678Dance?

I get most excited at the start of the year. I love meeting all the new kids and seeing returning students as well! I love having fun and watching passion for dance bloom in my classes!

How long have you been dancing? Is there a memory that stands out?

I have been dancing twenty-three years. A memory that stands out to me most, is my senior year of high school, my tap solo was very... interesting! I did a dance to “the blob” and was dressed as a“blob”. The only thing you could see was my feet! I liked hearing judges be shocked by something so out of the ordinary.

What is your favorite thing to do outside of dance?

I love to bake! I’ve recently gotten into cake and cupcake decorating. I’ve also been trying my hand at my grandmother’s old recipes.

Fun Fact

I play the violin and I own a purple one!