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Ballet/Tap Combo

Offered for ages 3-6, this one hour combination class teaches the basics of ballet and tap while providing a fun environment and an excellent way to begin a dancer's path to success!

Age 3 & 4

pink leotard

pink tights

pink ballet shoes (full sole)

White Mary Jane tap shoes

hair pulled back

Age 5 & 6

Black leotard

pink tights

pink ballet shoes (full sole)

Tan Mary Jane tap shoes

hair pulled back

Three little ballerinas about to blow kisses.
Group of young ballerinas in pink costumes posing after their dance


The most classical form of dance, ballet demands precision and formalized steps and gestures to create flowing patterns and quick expressions. It is the basis for most other dance forms. Required to take pointe and lyrical.

solid color leotard

pink tights

pink leather ballet shoes

hair pulled back securely in a bun

Young tappers in poodle skirts on stage


Tap is the art of creating rhythms and variations of sounds wearing specific shoes with metal taps on the toe and heel.

solid color leotard and tan tights

fitted shorts or pants with tight fitted top

hair pulled back

Rising Star + Shining Star

Tan Bloch Mary Jane style tap shoes

Super Stars Level 1+

shoe varies among classes.

Young jazz dancers posing on stage in gold costumes


Originally formed to fit the rhythms and techniques of jazz music, jazz dance is partnered with upbeat music, exciting rhythms, and explosive choreography.

solid color leotard and tan tights

fitted shorts or pants with tight fitted top

Tan slip-on jazz shoes

hair pulled back


Also known as acrobatics, this class focuses on the strength and flexibility to perform acrobatic tricks ranging from forward rolls to back handsprings.

any type of fitted dance wear


Bare feet

Young dancer performing a tumbling move


A mix of both ballet and jazz techniques, lyrical requires extreme flexibility, strength, and connection to a song's lyrics and feelings. Students will be placed in lyrical at the discretion of the teacer. Must be paired with ballet.

solid color leotard and tan tights

fitted shorts or pants with tight fitted top

nude colored DancePaws

hair pulled back

Lyrical dancer leaping in the air on stage

Musical Theatre

Singing, dancing, and acting all in one class! Students will have the opportunity to learn from the classic and contemporary songbook of musical theatre focusing on storytelling with proper vocal and acting techniques. Classes will also provide audition technique.

form fitted shirt, tank top, or leotard and leggings, shorts, or tights. (no baggy clothing)

black slip-on jazz shoes

Musical theatre dancers posed on stage
Young dancers participate in a hip-hop masterclass.


A fun, fast-paced style of dance that is comprised of rhythms set to pop or hip-hop music. Includes a wide range of sub-styles including breaking, popping, and jazz funk.

Anything comfortable and trendy and sneakers


Pointe refers to the classical ballet art of wearing shoes that allow the dancer to lift onto the extreme tips of the toes. Requires impeccable ballet technique and strength. Students will be placed in pointe at the discretion of the instructor.  Must also be paired with ballet.

same attire as ballet

pointe shoes at teacher's discretion for the individual foot

Sugar Plum Fairy ballerina dancing in pointe shoes


Dance is for anyone! Boys are welcome in all of our classes.


black shorts, white t-shirt or tank, black ballet shoes

Tap, jazz, lyrical, and tumbling

Anything comfortable to move in, but not too baggy

shoes vary by class, age, and level, we will let you know what to get when you register


anything comfortable and trendy!

Male ballerina jumping in the air
Young dancers stand at the barre in preparation for a warm-up.

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